Granite Surface Tables Plates

Granite surface plates and tables are a must for accurate measurement and provide a flat and stable environment for inspection. They are free from temperature distortion and offer an exceptionally sturdy measuring environment due to their thickness and weight.

Measuring on uneven surfaces can give incorrect or inconsistent inspection results, using a granite surface plate can help eliminate this problem.

  • Meet DIN876, grade 00 is for inspection room or lab, grade 0 is for workshop.
  • Supplied with manufacturers inspection certificate
  • Optional accessory: stand for granite surface plate
    jack for granite surface plate

 On Site Granite and Iron surface table reconditioning and calibration service is available to BS 817: 2008 and supplied with  UKAS certification

The equipment used by our technicians is calibrated to the relevant standards to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible and also that traceability is maintained. During the calibration procedure ambient conditions are monitored and recorded.

Due to the weight of Granite email us for shipping cost before purchase.

Granite Surface Tables Plates

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