Gauge Block Sets

Manufactured to ISO3650 (DIN861) from high quality alloy steel

Each block is heat treated for high wear resistance

Surface hardness >63HRC

Flat mirror surface finish for high dimensional stability and excellent wringing qualities.

See the wringing performance of these top quality gauge blocks.

All composition of sets, grades, steel & tungsten blocks supplied. sometimes called Slips, are reference standards calibrated in a UKAS Laboratory. Supplied in sets of various compositions to wring together making any actual size length achievable.

The Grades explained. Grade 2: For general workshop use. Grade 1: For use in the Inspection area and calibrating basic measuring instruments. Grade 0: For calibrating Metrology equipment in a Calibration environment.

We hold stock, sets are progressed through UKAS Lab to order takes up 10 days.. You will find cheaper sets, due to our bad experiences with these we do not sell them.

Don't forget when comparing prices ours include a UKAS Certificate in your name.

If you don't want UKAS email for price.


Gauge Block Sets

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